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Fueling Creativity
in Education

The Fueling Creativity in Education podcast provides listeners with unique insights into the field of creativity research, including best practices for applying this knowledge to a traditional school environment. Thanks to deep-dive interviews with renowned creativity scholars, respected practitioners, and passionate educators, every teacher and administrator will walk away with new strategies that inspire and support student and teacher creativity in and out of the classroom.

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From Listeners

Fueling Creativity Podcast presents a beautiful dialogue between sophisticated educators, practitioners and researchers on education and creativity. Overall, I love the podcast.
Great Podcast!
I’m always looking for the latest in deliberate creativity, its science, and how people are applying it in their professional and personal lives. This podcast is exactly what I needed! I can’t wait to listen to more episodes.
A Great CREATIVITY Resource!
Professionally, I try to stay immersed in cutting-edge creativity theory for my clients. As a parent of a young child, I am constantly looking for ways to support development from a creative perspective. This podcast provides it all. Info that I can listen to on the fly and implement immediately.
Inspired Infusions!
Dr Burnett ALWAYS provides solid, useful information. She is a consistent go-to for creativity information. Dr Worwood is new to me, but a new delight for my personal growth.
The Drs are in the House
I’ve listened to possibly every episode and I can easily say each has offered me new and useful insights. Even though I’ve read, researched, experimented, and had success developing student creativity, I still find this podcast well worth my time.
New and Useful insights!
As a teacher, I am always looking for ideas I can use immediately in the classroom. I am also a junkie for knowing the how and why behind things. This podcast (and all their related materials) never fail. Love the debrief episodes as well.
Fabulous Interviews and Ready to Use Ideas

Meet the Co-Hosts

R_Matthew Worwood CoHost

Matthew Worwood


Matthew Worwood is an education consultant and full-time faculty member at the University of Connecticut's Digital Media and Design Department. His research interests focus on Teacher Creativity, Co-Creativity with Generative AI, and Design Thinking.

R_Cyndi Burnett CoHost

Cyndi Burnett


Dr. Cyndi Burnett is the Vice-President at Curiosity 2 Create. She taught deliberate creativity at the Center for Applied Imagination at SUNY Buffalo State University for 20 years. She is the author of four books on creativity in education and co-founder of the creative thinking network.

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