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Classical Creativity Literature

The Fueling Creativity in Education Podcast offers the Listen & Learn Series as a professional learning resource during the winter and summer months. Each series focuses on a specific theme and provides concise episodes that delve into relevant topics within each theme. These short episodes offer valuable insights and discussions to support ongoing learning in a convenient format for busy educators and emerging scholars.

In this Listen & Learn series, Matt and Cyndi introduce Jimmy Wilson as the podcast’s Emerging Scholar in-Residence, before embarking on a journey through six classical articles from the field of creativity and connecting these articles to Creativity in Education topics.

Episode 0: Introduction to Classical Creativity Literature

Get ready for the “Listen & Learn” summer series! In this introductory episode, hosts Dr. Matthew Worwood, Dr. Cyndi Burnett, introduce Scholar in Residence Jimmy Wilson before setting the scene for this six-week journey through classical creativity literature. 

Episode 1: Creativity by Joy Paul Guildford (1950)

Join Matt and Cyndi in this latest Listen and Learn episode as they delve into Joy Paul Guilford’s influential work on creativity. Discussing divergent thinking and its impact on education, they draw parallels to today’s generative AI. Learn about the Fueling Creativity in Education summer contest for a chance to win prizes and engage in creativity research’s past, present, and future.

Access the original article here.

Episode 2: An Analysis of Creativity by Mel Rhodes (1961)

In this episode, Matt and Cyndi discuss Mel Rhodes’ work on defining creativity. Exploring the “Four P’s” framework, they delve into Person, Process, Press, and Product, connecting each with real-world applications in education. Listeners are invited to participate in a codebreaking challenge for a chance to win a creative prize pack.

You can access the original article here.

Episode 3: Applied Imagination by Alex Osborn (1953)

Coming Soon.

Episode 4: The Nature and Nurture of Creative Talent by Donald MacKinnon (1962)

In this episode, Matt and Cyndi delve into Donald MacKinnon’s influential research article, “The Nature and Nurture of Creative Talent.” Unpacking the complex interplay between innate creative abilities and environmental influences, they discuss how creativity can be fostered and nurtured in various settings. Join them for an insightful exploration of the key factors shaping creative talent and its implications for education and personal growth.

See original article here.

Episode 5: Can We Teach Children to Think Creatively? by E. Paul Torrance

Coming Soon.

Episode 6: The Creative Studies Project by Sidney Parnes and Ruth Noller

Coming Soon.

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