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How do you measure the creative potential of your students?

In part one of this double expresso episode of the Fueling Creativity in Education podcast, Dr. Todd Lubart, a distinguished creativity researcher and Professor of Psychology at Université de Paris, joins hosts Dr. Matthew Worwood and Dr. Cyndi Burnett in an insightful conversation about measuring creative potential in education.

Dr. Lubart shares his expertise in defining creative potential as the ability to produce original and meaningful work and delves into the development of the EPoC (Evaluation of Potential Creativity) battery, a comprehensive tool designed to measure creative potential in children and adolescents across different domains. The discussion touches upon the environmental factors influencing creative potential, the practical implementation of creativity assessments in classrooms, and the responsibility of schools in nurturing and amplifying students’ creative potential.

If in a classroom, you say lets do creative thinking, everyone do what you want, that might seem nice, but its very difficult for measuring anything. So when we give all the kids a specific task its easier to see the individual differences.

Featured Guest

Todd Lubart is a professor of psychology at University Paris Cité. Former director of an applied psychology research laboratory, coordinator of several grants and contracts, he has more than 200 publications in articles, books and psychological tests. His lines of research concern creative potential, creativity assessments, creativity development, environmental support for creativity, the impact of technology on creativity. Todd Lubart serves on the editorial board of several journals concerning creativity and innovation, received the Berlyne award from the American Psychological Association, the NAGC Torrance Award, and was a member of the Institut Universitaire de France. Todd Lubart is president of the non-profit ISSCI (the International Society for the Study of Creativity and Innovation, issci.online).

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