Fueling Creativity in Education Podcast

Season 8

Infusing more FUN into Teaching and Learning with Dr. Mike Rucker

How might you build more fun in the classroom?

In this episode of the Fueling Creativity in Education Podcast, hosts Drs. Matthew Worwood and Cyndi Burnett engage with Dr. Mike Rucker, organizational psychologist and author of “The Fun Habit.”

Diving into the necessity of fun and pleasure in educational settings, Mike stresses how essential joy and enjoyment are in the daily routine of both learners and educators. He shares strategies such as “activity bundling,” exploring the concept of novelty in learning, and the hedonic flexibility principle—all aimed at revamping the classroom with creative and engaging methods.

The episode unpacks the delicate balance between routine and innovation in learning environments, discusses the effects of burnout on educators, and underscores the power of incorporating student input to co-create exciting educational experiences. Mike, alongside Matthew and Cyndi, also exemplifies how to diagnose and address the absence of enjoyment in schools, driving the conversation toward practical solutions to enhance engagement and enthusiasm from elementary to higher education levels.

I saw a kid and asked him how was school and he said, I don't like school, and I asked myself why is school not fun!

Featured Guest

Dr. Mike Rucker is an organizational psychologist, behavioral scientist, and charter member of the International Positive Psychology Association. He has been academically published in publications like the International Journal of Workplace Health Management. His ideas about fun and health have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fast Company, Psychology Today, Forbes, Vox, Thrive Global, Mindful, mindbodygreen, and more. He currently serves as a senior leader at Active Wellness and is the author of the best-selling book The Fun Habit, which is out now.

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