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In this episode of the Fueling Creativity in Education Podcast, hosts Drs. Matthew Worwood and Cyndi Burnett delve into the transformative power of creativity in education with guests Rosie Leonard-Kane and Alan Morgan from the University College Dublin Innovation Academy. Rosie, a facilitation specialist, emphasizes the critical need for a shift towards a more creative educational approach, particularly in systems heavily focused on examinations. Alan, an entrepreneurial specialist and program director, discusses the vital role of developing educators’ creative confidence and mindset. Together, they highlight the necessity of embracing and nurturing creativity to rekindle educators’ passion for teaching.

Throughout the episode, the conversation covers the challenges and potential solutions for integrating creativity into educational practices. The discussion includes the impact of the pandemic on educational creativity, the shift to online learning, and the opportunity it presents to expand program reach and incorporate experiential learning virtually. The hosts and guests also touch on the importance of developing an entrepreneurial mindset in teachers, employing design thinking, and fostering an environment of innovation and flexibility. Practical tips for educators on starting small with creativity in the classroom and fostering a culture of curiosity and collaboration are shared, making this a must-listen for educators looking to enhance their teaching approach and inspire their students.

Faculty and teachers in many ways are very entrepreneurial in many ways, because they are come up with new thoeries, and they share those theories, and seek funding for those theories, and build centers and programs with those theories, so its important to cultivate that entrepreneurial mindset for the classroom.

Rosie Leonard-Kane
Rosie started her career as a secondary level (high school) maths teacher. She worked in London’s most deprived areas where educational outcomes are still closely linked to socio-economic background. Amidst a culture of high-stakes exam pressure, Rosie found joy in finding creative ways to engage her students in learning and loving maths, and soon found herself sharing her approaches with other colleagues. This led to a move into teacher training and development where Rosie’s passion for supporting others to unleash their own creativity and innovation in their teaching grew. She now works as a Facilitation Specialist at the UCD Innovation Academy where she has, what she describes as, the ‘absolute privilege’ of working with Educators across all levels of education to develop creative confidence and adapt their approach to teaching and learning so that their students get the kind of education that they all deserve, not just focused on passing the test.

Alan Morgan
Alan Joined the UCD Innovation Academy in 2019 and he now holds positions as an Entrepreneurial Specialist, Facilitator and Programme Director for The Professional Diploma in Creativity & Innovation in Education (Educators Programme for short). Before joining the Academy, Alan held key positions at Kaplan Dublin Business School (DBS) including Course Director for Marketing and various lecturing roles in Marketing subjects. While working at DBS, Alan studied Entrepreneurial Education at The Innovation Academy – and this change his life..! It was at this time that he developed a passion for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in education. Winning two awards at DBS for ‘Above & Beyond’ in his work with students, Alan then moved on and joined the UCD Innovation Academy where he became Programme Director for the course that changed his life..! Alan has built and developed the Educators Programme, particularly through the Pandemic years, to it now being an internationally recognised programme for educators at all levels. Alan is currently in the final stages of a Doctorate of Education with The University of Wales Trinity Saint David – his research topic is centred around the Cultivation of an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Primary School in Ireland. Before his days working in education, Alan had a successful career as an International Retail Buyer.

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