Fueling Creativity in Education Podcast

Season 8

Creative Residencies for Teachers with Dr. Maureen Carroll

In this episode of the Fueling Creativity in Education Podcast, hosts Drs. Matthew Worwood and Cyndi Burnett delve into a captivating discussion with guest Dr. Maureen Carroll about the dynamic landscape of professional development for educators. Maureen Carroll sheds light on different teacher responses and goals within professional development settings, underscoring the imperative of self-reflection in assimilating new knowledge to enhance their teaching methods.

They tackle the concept of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and recognize the value PLCs have in fostering trust and robust relationships among teaching professionals, setting the stage for risk-taking and honest exchanges. 

Additionally, they highlight the Creative Residencies program initiated by Carroll, which is aimed at rejuvenating educators by immersing them in creativity through artist-led experiences. The timing and objectives of such creative ventures are also examined, pinpointing their optimal placement within the academic year. 

A lot of when I would teach workshops, maybe pre pandemic, it was all about amping up the energy and having that creative passion and movement. And now it feels like teachers want time to talk, like, being able to reflect and slow down and really take care of themselves and think about wellness and social emotional components of learning.

Featured Guest

Maureen Carroll, Ph.D., is the co-Founder of Lime Design and taught at Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school) for over a decade. She was also the Director of REDlab, which conducts research on design and learning and was a lecturer in Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. Carroll has published work in The Journal of Research in STEM Education, The International Journal of Art & Design Education, The Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research, BASE Innovation Journal, Design Studies, and The National Council of Teachers of English Voices from the Middle Journal. Prior to founding Lime Design, Carroll was the co-Founder of Bay Breeze Educational Resources, a curriculum design firm that integrated content area learning with media, the arts and popular culture. Carroll has a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in Education: Language, Literacy and Culture.

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