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In what ways can creativity be infused into mathematics education, especially for students who may not naturally gravitate toward math?

In this episode of the Fueling Creativity in Education Podcast, host Dr. Matthew Worwood and Dr. Cyndi Burnett speak with Kristin Lehman, Director of Educational Services at Hewitt Learning. Kristin discusses the concept of twice-exceptional learners, shedding light on the unique challenges and attributes of such students. She shares insights into identifying and supporting these students, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and nurturing their creative potential to ensure they receive the support they need to thrive academically.

The conversation also delves into the concept of “mathematical artistry,” sparked by Kristin’s exploration of combining math and art. She highlights the potential for integrating math concepts into creative activities to engage students in a hands-on and tangible way, promoting understanding and appreciation for mathematical principles. Kristin also provides valuable tips for educators, emphasizing the importance of fostering creativity across various disciplines, encouraging curiosity, and embracing interdisciplinary learning. The episode offers practical insights for educators and parents looking to infuse creativity into teaching and learning to better support students with diverse learning needs.

Does a student get the same type of physical and mental social benefit from creating a storybook online with DALL-E as they would sitting there and drawing a storybook themselves? We don't know.

Featured Guest

Kristin Layman, an eclectic learner with a rich background in mathematics education, currently serves as the Director of Educational Services at Hewitt Learning. In this role, she implements innovative strategies to enhance learning experiences for all students. With a master’s in Math, Kristin’s approach goes beyond conventional teaching methods, embracing creativity, innovation, and the interdisciplinary concepts. As a co-founder of the Independent Innovator Challenge and a key contributor to the US National Innovator Challenge, she is committed to encouraging young minds towards innovative thinking. Additionally, Kristin’s work as a SENGifted Model Parent Group facilitator reflects her dedication to supporting the holistic growth of Twice Exceptional children and their families. Her diverse interests and commitment to education highlight her role in shaping adaptive and inclusive learning environments.

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